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Team Radiance is the antagonistic team in the game. They consist of three main members and various grunts. They encounter the protagonist and rivals throughout the game while trying to carry out their schemes. The protagonist usually stops Team Radiance by battling with them.


Sorin, Elanor, and Haul grew up on the edges of society and scavenged to survive. They believe they are the "chosen ones" to bring the current society back into the "light", which would prevent other people from experiencing the hardships they encountered growing up. They founded Team Radiance before the start of the game with this goal in mind, and they proceed to cause trouble across the Vereshad region in order to secure various treasures. The treasures are supposed to summon a new era that will bath the world in light.

Team Members

The members of Team Radiance are not part of the friendship system, so their relationships with the protagonist are not influenced by the player's in-game dialogue choices.


Sorin is the leader of the main trio and has a high energy level. He constantly tries to beat Elanor in battle, but he usually loses. He tends to be impulsive, believing that the first one to make a decision is a sign of a true leader. Sorin is easily angered by Haul, who has the potential to be a stronger trainer than him. Sorin views both Elanor and Haul as siblings and will go to great lengths to protect them.


Elanor is very mellow and lets Sorin lead their group even though she is the better trainer. She does not care about the roles within their group and instead focuses on the end result they are trying to achieve. She helps Haul out and tries to create harmony between him and Sorin. Elanor sees Sorin as the "big brother" and Haul as the "little brother" of the trio, and she will go to great lengths to protect them.


Haul is energetic and determined to show his worth as a member of their team. He looks up to Elanor but tends to feel inept compared to her. He also respects Sorin, but he usually argues with Sorin regarding the best method to execute their plans. Haul views both Elanor and Sorin as siblings and will go to great lengths to protect them.


The Team Radiance grunts are typically hired hands or scientists interested in the treasures the team is after.