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The protagonists are the player characters of the game. Remarkably silent, the player character is the avatar of the player; it is left up to the latter to "fill in" what they imagine the character is feeling, thinking and acting, thus immersing the player within the world of the game.


The protagonists are Pokémon Trainers about to begin their Pokémon journey. They start in their hometown by getting a starter Pokémon, a Pokémon that appears very early in their native region's Pokédex, and is of the Psychic-, Dark- or Fighting-type. Since the region's native Pokémon Professor is missing, one of his students, Professor Sakura, has stepped up to take over Ilex's position. She will give the protagonists their starter, as well as a Pokédex.

Players can choose between three available characters to play as. They also have two rivals, Damien and Eva, who begin their journey at the same time.

Players take part in several events and meet a great number of Pokémon and people during their adventure. A common goal is to conquer the Pokémon League's eight Gym Leaders and Elite Four, to become the Champion. Many additional side-quests occur during and after the game's main plot, and the protagonists have the ability to befriend certain people and Pokémon they meet on their journey.


In Pokémon Umbra, the male protagonist is Cole, the non-binary protagonist is Carter, and the female protagonist is Cindy. They are students who have recently finished school. The protagonists have grown up in the shadows of their cousins, so they feel that their parents have been dismissive and otherwise neglectful of their own child. Thus, the protagonist moves out, and is in search of a way to make a living. With a little persuasion from Professor Sakura, they decide to finally make a name for themselves and prove a point to their family by starting their own Pokémon Journey.

Beyond this driving force, the protagonists are whatever the player chooses to make of them. How the player decides to interact with key characters such as Damien, Eva, and Hollow will create interesting results: this can range from small changes in dialogue to major shifts in the story.

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