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Mariana is the protagonist's older cousin and the Pokémon Champion of the Vereshad region. She is an unseen driving force for the protagonist throughout most of the game, only appearing during specific encounters. Mariana is the last challenge in the protagonist's journey to become the new Champion.


Mariana used to live in Cadere Town with her younger brother, Martin, and their parents. Their house was close to the protagonist's house, and often their parents would spend time together and dote on Mariana. Her parents always encouraged her in her endeavors, but she often was subjected to their high standards. Mariana was always quick to pick up skills such as reading, crocheting, and chess. Once she turned her attention toward Pokémon battling, she soon became the region's Champion. The desire, almost a need, to be the best was instilled in her by her parents.


Mariana is driven to be the best Pokémon Champion of all time. She is kind, compassionate, and enjoys spending time with the protagonist. She cares about her Pokémon deeply and has a strong bond with them, but she tends to shy away from other people. This is mainly due to the fact that her Pokémon never set standards for her like people do, so she can comfortably spend time and interact with them. Mariana enjoys thought-driven activities, such as reading and chess. She is passionate about battling since it is strategy-based, but she puts too much strain on herself to always win. She is obsessed with helping people and slightly egotistical in her thought that she is chosen by destiny to protect others.


Mariana is not part of the friendship system, so her relationship with the protagonist is not influenced by the player's in-game dialogue choices.


Mariana views herself as the protagonist's older sister and wants to see them succeed on their Pokémon journey. While she cannot interfere directly with the protagonist's adventure, due to her being the Champion, she still tries to give the protagonist pointers and information when she can. Mariana understands the pressure that the protagonist is put under by their parents, and she wants to ease the tension in her relationship with the protagonist. She relates to the protagonist and views them both in the same situation. Ultimately, Mariana has trouble bridging the relationship gap that sprung from their childhood due to her own insecurities and desire to be the best.


Mariana is Martin's older sister. She is moderately jealous of Martin since their parents did not put as much emphasis on him being "good" at something like they did to her. She loves her brother very much, but she tends to be cold toward him because of her jealousy. When Martin started on his

Professor Sakura

Mariana knows Professor Sakura prior to the start of the game. The two were never close because Mariana was able to succeed as a Pokémon trainer without Professor Sakura's help. They used to chat in Cadere Town before Mariana became the Champion, but after her achievement, they fell out of contact. Professor Sakura now mainly sees Mariana on the TV.


Mariana has known Damien since they were children in Cadere Town. They did not interact a lot while growing up, but she used to help him when he got into sticky situations. Mariana is confused when Damien introduces himself as a Pokémon trainer because he "changed" his name. He loses his battle to Mariana, but he does not appear upset or bothered by it.


Mariana does not know much about Eva since she is a transfer trainer from a different region. She likes Eva's training style and outlook on Pokémon. Eva loses her battle against Mariana and appears distressed, but Mariana insists that she is a strong trainer and tries to lift Eva's spirits.