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Hollow is a reoccurring character who gives the player tips on their Pokémon journey. Not much is known about him, but he tends to appear around the protagonist when help is needed. Hollow also assists the protagonist's rivals, Damien and Eva, suggesting that he does not solely aid the protagonist.


Hollow is an older man and a traveling Pokémon enthusiast. He trains Pokémon, but he does not consider himself a trainer since he has no ambition to beat the region's Pokemon League. Hollow has been on his own Pokémon journey for the past few years without collecting any Gym Badges. He insists that a good trainer is not just someone who can beat all of the Gym Leaders and that there is more to training Pokémon than participating in the Pokémon League. He believes that a good trainer is someone who trains Pokémon for the love of it rather than to compete with other trainers. He views himself as a teacher or helper to new trainers and pointedly helps them along their journey. Hollow places a great deal of emphasis on learning about Pokémon and studying their relationship with their environments and the Vereshad region. He considers himself a mixture between a Pokémon trainer and a Pokémon ecologist. He is not affiliated with any research centers in the region.


Hollow has an upbeat personality with threads of melancholy. He is usually optimistic around the protagonist, but overall he has a negative viewpoint on the current ideology of the Pokémon League and on a trainer's journey. He is energetic when talking about Pokémon. Hollow is extremely interested in how the world works around him and how Pokémon interact within it. He can be overbearing sometimes when he feels that the protagonist or rivals are in danger and adopts a parental-like attitude towards them.


Hollow is part of the friendship system, so his relationship with the protagonist is influenced by the player's in-game dialogue choices.


Hollow is introduced to the protagonist at the beginning of the game. He appears again throughout the protagonist's Pokémon journey to give them more information about the next area they are traveling to. Hollow's friendship with the protagonist can develop more depending on the player's choices.


Hollow meets Damien a few times throughout the game. The two have a friendly, cheerful relationship, and Damien appreciates Hollow's help during their encounters. Hollow views Damien as a good trainer, although he feels Damien lacks structure.


Hollow meets Eva a few times throughout the game. The two have a professional, friendly relationship, and Eva appreciates Hollow's help during their encounters. Hollow views Eva as a good trainer, although he feels she lacks a bond with her Pokémon.


Hollow knows of Mariana because she is the region's Pokémon Champion. Outside of that common knowledge, he does not interact with Mariana. He believes she is the epitome of the Pokémon League, so his attitude toward her can be negative, but he does recognize her as a great trainer.


Hollow has met Martin a few times during his travels since he has visited all of the Gym Leaders. The two do not have a lot of interaction within the game. Hollow believes Martin lacks confidence as a trainer, but otherwise is a good Gym Leader.