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Cadere Town
"Black Soot, White Snow, Warm Hearts"
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Urobos League
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Elite Four
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Elite Four
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Required for navigation
32px Cut
32px Surf
32px Strength
32px Flash
32px Defog
32px Whirlpool
32px Rock Smash
32px Waterfall
32px Dive
32px Rock Climb
32px Bicycle
32px Mach Bike
32px Acro Bike
32px Go-Goggles
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Connecting locations
Mossy Cave
Cadere Town

Location of Cadere Town in Vereshad
Routes in Urobos

Cadere Town is a town located in Southern part of Vereshad. It is the starting town for Cindy or Cole, the protagonist. Professor Sakura's lab is located in Cadere Town.

This small town is only accessible via flying or going through the Mossy Cave.

One path leads away from this town: to the North is Mossy Cave, which leads to Route 1, and to the East lies the entrance to Magna City.

Places of interest

Professor Sakura's Lab

Main article: Professor Sakura's Lab

In the North-East corner of town is Professor Sakura's Lab. Here, three Pokémon trainers just beginning their quest are given the choice to receive either a Psypole, Boxeroo or Seijitsu from Professor Sakura.

Player's house

This house is where the player lives before beginning their journey. It is located in the Southern of the town.


Cadere Town has a population of ??.


Item Location
Potion Potion Next to a bush by the house next to the stairs.
Antidote Antidote From a kid on the left side of town.


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Puripad Puripad
Premier Ball Only one
32 100%
Puripad Puripad
Premier Ball Only one
32 100%


Name origin

  • Cadere is Latin for "Fall." Pokémon Umbra uses Latin for Town names, as well as the game's title.